Petroleum Inspection Services

  • Discharge supervision of petroleum products from ship to shore storage facility and certification of quantity received (Discharge Superintendence);
  • Supervision and monitoring of mid stream ship-to-ship transfer of petroleum products;
  • Sampling and analysis of petroleum products;
  • Stock monitoring/control and product auditing at tank farms and storage depots.

    Crude Oil & Petroleum related Products Inspection involves the inspecting for quantity and quality of the products to establish their conformity to required standards and specifications. Such inspections could however, be performed at different stages in the production process comprising of the production locations, platforms, storage locations, during draining of crude oil, at loading or unloading installations, on vessels, or in-road tank trucks. COTECK will supervise the operations; report on the visual condition of the cargo, perform shore and ship tank measurements otherwise known as Ullage Inspection, and draw samples to check quality by laboratory analysis for the purpose of reassurance of actual weight and quality of the products.

    Other services that COTECK offers also include Bunker Surveys, Loss Control Services for Quantity and Time during loading and, or discharge operations with which calculations will be made to establish the agreed loss quantity (if any) and demurrage of vessels. Daily reporting is provided to the client during any operation, from arrival of the vessel at the Terminal up to the completion of loading or discharge operation. As soon as loading or discharge operation is completed, inspection reports and certificates will be sent to our clients, first by mail and then the hard copy will follow at the earliest time possible.

    1. Monitoring of all 18 Crude Oil Terminals and Platforms.

    COTECK will carryout a survey to ascertain the following:
    - The exact location of the terminals
    - The owners of the terminals
    - The average production / output on daily basis
    - The operational capabilities / abilities of the said platforms so as to forecast their future outputs
    - Inspection of all oil facilities / equipments used for the exploration operations to ascertain their status for replacement, repairs, maintenance and possible calibration. - Verification of advices, permits, authority to load from Government Regulatory Agencies (NNPC/DPR) to shipping companies, ship owners, consignees, or vessels on the quantity or volume to be loaded onboard ocean vessel(s)
    - Monitoring and Supervision of cargo loading operations so as to ascertain the exact quantity loaded by ullage inspection and well as flow-meter readings, to ensure that what is loaded is the exact volume approved to be loaded.

    2. Provision of Equipments and Supervision of their installations

    COTECK will ensure all needed equipments will be supplied according to their specifications from manufacturers or reliable retailers of genuine nature. And upon installations, adequate supervision will be done by COTECK ensuring that proper installation procedures are adhered to during installations for effective performance.

    3. Transportation of Personnel from Shore to Rigs / Platforms.

    COTECK will arrange necessary logistics for the transportation of personnel from the designated points of boarding from shore to the respective platforms or rigs as the case may be.

    4. Monitoring of Ballasting and De-ballasting Operations

    COTECK will monitor the de-ballasting and ballasting operations of ocean vessels' ballast tanks as well as checking other tanks such as Fuel and Diesel Oil tanks, and Fresh water tanks for stability of the vessel and also ensure strict compliance with de-ballasting operations of water into the sea to reduce the extent of pollution. COTECK will also check the ballasting and de-ballasting records of the vessel to see the history of its operations.

    5. Issuance of Reports

    Upon completion of the loading supervision / inspection of the quantity loaded onboard the vessel, as well as taking of time records / statement of facts / time sheets for events / activities / happenings during the loading operations, and duly signed and stamped by respective parties concerned with the operation, all reports will be submitted / sent to our client(s) first in electronic copy (by e-mail) and then hard copy at the earliest time possible.